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a world where snags aren’t constantly flooding your mailbox.
Watson's building that world.

Most builders leave your quality checks to the very end of a project —not on Watson’s watch.

We’ve fine-tuned our ‘live snag’ system. We anticipate and fix small snags throughout your build so they don’t snowball into big problems.

Sit back, have a brew, have a Kit-Kat.

Watson’s got you covered.

  • Outsmart snags before they happen
  • Catch and fix any unexpected problems instantly
  • 6 times as many quality checks as the average builder
  • Frequent progress reports
  • Fast, friendly, no quibbles aftercare
  • Post-build satisfaction survey to review our performance

What Watson stands for

3 little things that make a big difference to your project

Thinking outside the blocks

How it makes your life easier

We’ll do things the way they should be done – not the way they have always been done.

How we do it?

We’re constantly cherry-picking the brightest ideas from other industries to move the building game forward.

Down-to-earth building

How it makes your life easier

You’ll always get face-to-face, friendly advice, in plain english.

How we do it?

It’s simple: we’re an honest, straightforward bunch striving to make life easier for everyone.

Snag Freedom!

How it makes your life easier

We’re raising the bar for quality, both in our buildings —and in the lives of the people who live in them.

How we do it?

We plan, execute, monitor and improve our ‘live snag’ system (obsessively)

Stuff that’s good to know

We partnered with Mustard Tree to help combat poverty and homelessness

At Watson Homes, our chosen charity is Mustard Tree, which combats homelessness and poverty by providing opportunities and support for people across Manchester and Salford. The charity grabbed our attention in 2017 when its Ancoats hub was transformed into a space that now houses a food club, community shop, art rooms, music studio and warehouse.

Over the past seven years, we’ve donated more than £155,000 to Mustard Tree and continue with a regular monthly donation of £2,000. This goes towards a number of Mustard Tree initiatives, including the Freedom Project, which helps people learn new skills, find accommodation or gain paid employment.

We recently found out that our fundraising has helped more than 500 people access the Freedom Project and we’re made up to be a part of this life-changing scheme.

Like many businesses, Mustard Tree has had to significantly adapt its model since COVID-19 and the lockdown. At the height of the pandemic, their food club went from supporting 500 people a month to 1,000 people a week – a huge increase.

This is putting massive strain on the charity’s costs, so any donations are now more important than ever.

We’re continuing to support Mustard Tree and the vital work they do. To find out more on how Mustard Tree helps people in Greater Manchester, head to their website.

How we support communities

We actively seek out groups in the communities in which we develop that we can help benefit, be that through giving time and support or financial assistance for events etc. We firmly believe that by doing this we can help the many armies of volunteers working across the region further deliver their message and support and improve their communities.

Our people are the most important part of our business, we support them not only through a policy of continuous personal development and training, but also in the activities and groups they help with outside of their working life.

Are you involved in a community organisation that could benefit from our support? If so, please email us here outlining your project and it’s aims.

How we support the environment

The construction industry has a huge impact on the environment we all enjoy, we take great pride in using better design and build techniques to create high quality, cost effective and attractive homes and communities.

Through this approach and our dedication to reducing the environmental impact of our homes – during both construction and living – we are able to reduce waste to landfill, water and energy usage, and importantly – reduce the running costs of our homes for the customer.

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